The G​-​Men Hunt the Mothman

by Cyclops Rock

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Written, performed, and engineered by Rob Duffy in 2015.

Art by Jeremiah Williams.


How much weirdness does it take to count this a mistake
Shrinking from blank stares

Cease and no one will get hurt communicating curt
So much for pleasance

Which of us is really in charge, you're thrown off by my large
imposing corpse

It is such a tragedy that too much mystery
will scare anyone

Memories fade while digging graves,
collapses are blamed on me, crumbling like
my humanity in your eyes

Messages appear as static to your ears
eclipsing the broadcast, obscuring
our shared past once and for all

I coo softly from the brush, their voices in a hush
vibrations, still air

Men with people to impress even if it leaves a mess
promotions, mouths to feed

Pointed a red light at my eyes, I fear for my life
I'm frail for my size

A flash and I fall to my side, reduced to a lie
Link missing once again

This whole assault, it's all my fault


released July 24, 2015




Cyclops Rock Los Angeles, California

polyphemus synthesizers // eye-patch power chords // decidedly uncool punk and pop music

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