Tumbling Through

by Cyclops Rock

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First full-length mini-LP by Cyclops Rock. Written and recorded between November 2011 and October 2012. Guitar + Vox + LSDJ.


released October 13, 2012




Cyclops Rock Los Angeles, California

polyphemus synthesizers // eye-patch power chords // decidedly uncool punk and pop music

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Track Name: Optimism
I saw your new picture
you look like a badass
showing appreciation for rainbows and
smoking grass

Now I know your real hair color
you always dyed for me
and though you may have lied I never
took it personally

I saw your new blog post about how
you can't imagine a crush
anyone could have on you
no one cares for you that much

I'm sorry I keep on talking
but I just don't have the strength
for all the little things you do to
keep me at arm's length

I'm up and getting going
which just never happens
I feel no signs of slowing and I'm
ready to take action

I can't contain myself and I
can't contain my words
I'm ready to get out of here more than
anything in the world

So I'll be up and getting going
while she stays there and sleeps
I'll be a goddamn superhero and
drive up to her street

No reason to keep on lagging
I can be who she needs
but I can't be her everything like
she has been to me

it started today
and I won't let it go

Look at me
can you believe
that I won't let this go
Track Name: Stage Fright
Piano exams in community college
the most nervous I've felt in my life
a rude, overzealous organist
cutting out my heart with a knife

This just isn't right
it's just not worth so much of my fright

Torrid, I play through my toccata
his expression is fixed mid-scoff
I fear he'll soon stop me from playing to say,
"The piece lacks direction and the phrasing is off."
Track Name: Slighted
And even though you say you hate that place
I still won't be seeing you for a year
and even though you said you missed me all the time
I can't help but think you forgot when you saw my face again

And even though you don't see it the same way
you don't think you're leaving anything behind
and even though you don't mean to make me feel unwanted
the truth is that I most certainly am

Maybe that's ok with me
I can just pretend
Track Name: Tumbling Through
All things on fire
jamming in my room
I'm not alone I'm just
here with the muses
and this is what they're all
singing to me

Starving myself
for no real reason
I don't feel pain I'm
distracted by my muses
and this is what they're all
singing to me

All the hardware I ruined
to make this song
all I can do is
keep soldering on

All the friends I have
both old and new
are what help me
keep tumbling through
Track Name: Wake Awake
You're the only thing that distracts me
from picking up a guitar
Sometimes though it can be difficult to
see the world from where you are
Certainly the reverse is true
We're all dealt different cards in life
But it's really hard to change this within me
when it's already happened twice

Concerns are like a house that reaks
At first you notice then you lose track
I wonder if we should go outside
but I don't think you care about that
My energy reserves are low
I can't tumble with you all the time
How I can I complain when I'm so loved but it
seems we're more on your time than mine

Legs feel like jelly, I might keel over
and worst of all my mouth is dry
I want to bring everything back into focus
but I'm worried than you'll wonder why
How can I stop you from always thinking,
thinking that I pray for rain
when I know you've already made up your mind
tapping my emotional drain

I'm not ready to face this future
I'm not ready to be locked in it
I'll put myself in the places
where I think that I will fit

I'm not made to talk so crudely
and use all these obscene nouns
I can't handle sex and drugs
but I'll kiss you with pop rocks in our mouths
Track Name: Glowing Girl
How have you fascinated me
for more than eight weeks?
You strike me as thoughtful and honest though I've
barely heard you speak
It seems like I'll fall for any girl
with a cute nickname and bangs
but when we finally start to talk
something slips away

If they all have eyes
then why can they not see
that there's a glowing girl sitting three
feet away from me
but my conversation never hits home
and I got back to my room alone
Is she running out the door to get
away from me?
Track Name: Summer
As I walk back to my room I
silently loathe
the guys playing basketball outside who
never go
As I wake up in the morning
I passionately hate
the family downstairs blasting Bieber all
night and day

I'm being overworked
in the worst way
and the fast-food employee never
listens anyway
One day I'll have done something great
to no big surprise
so all those pretentious indie fucks better

All I need is summer going right