Crush Punk

by Cyclops Rock

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released 19 May 2015

All songs written, engineered, and performed by Rob Duffy unless otherwise noted.
Track 1 - Drums by Jeremy Uzzo
Track 2 - Drums by Luke Huisman
Trombone by Robert Cartwright
Trumpet by JJ Alvarez
Track 7 - Drums by Kevin Duarte
Track 9 - Monologue by Daryl Surat from GeekNights "Special 005 - Clown Pistols" (Creative Commons Attribution License)
Fuck Real Life Chant by Anime Expo Dance 2013 Attendees
Track 10 - Mix Chant by Filipino AKB48 wota on YouTube

THANKS: Garrett, Grace, Jami, Domi, and PD for being amazing friends over the past two years and bringing me to the experiences that inspired this album. William for the gorgeous artwork and all my bandmates in Kara's Walk Home. Alissa, Jesse, and Zach for being some of the first and biggest supporters of Cyclops Rock. Jeremy, JJ, Kevin, Luke, and Robert for performing on some of these songs and helping me to graduate college. Kirstie for completing me. ARM, Beat Crusaders, Helen Love, and Nemu Yumemi whose work has inspired me from afar. Zoom Lens for believing in this project so deeply and working to bring it out into the world.




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Cyclops Rock Los Angeles, California

polyphemus synthesizers // eye-patch power chords // decidedly uncool punk and pop music

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Track Name: Remove Nozzle/Select Grade
Feels like floating up
sinking down
vision blurs and I'm back with her

Still it's better than
not having lived
discovering myself through a computer

Fix the memory
to cassette tape
may it distort but never fade

Free-associate and
remove the nozzle select the grade
Track Name: Crush Punk
My heart was broken I bought an accordion
after my worst New Year's Eve
spent laying in bed, filling with dread
sleep totally snuffed by feelings

It's been years and it still kind of burns but
I can feel a new lift in me
Now I think it's ready to float myself away and
finally not have to worry

Let's set it off
Light the fuse and stand real close
just to see the sparks
basking in the rubble, cinged by the flames
from our rocket to the heavens

Let's set it off
Light the fuse and stand real close
not afraid to die
sweetly in the night with you by my side
Let's fall in love
Track Name: Mothra vs. Godzilla: Ravishing A Universe For Love!
Before the island and the sea
never threatened me
ignoring the clay shifting

Was I sent from up above
to harbor who I love
which admittedly is pretty much everyone

Dark eyes are staring down
from behind those huge jowels
and I've never had to be so direct
but will for the sake of the peanuts I protect

Conflict is sometimes brought to you
step up when it's the right thing to do
Hatred sometimes pushes through
stop take a step back if you have to

It's a kind of telepathy
that grows my empathy
acceptance for people's choices

Ideas start out as eggs
and hatch into larvae
everyone could use an extra mother

I'm remembering what Niezche said
about Godzilla being dead but
even through the tears and bites I know
I am a god in my own right

Conflict is sometimes brought to you
step up when it's the right thing to do
Hatred sometimes pushes through
stop take a step back

Self-doubt can make you feel askew
but talk can help more than what you knew
Crying is just a thing you do
knowing what matters s'what really defines you
Track Name: Just Like Metal
We'll make a cozy packet
when I zip you into my jacket
before composures go out in a blaze
and twist together in colorful ways

We'll find something to smother
in one way or another
some things aren't so grand
when we all end up with lives we didn't plan

She's tough just like metal
but I am rust and make her fragile
fucking up, tears impending
feels like the world is ending

Sucks I can't give you what you deserve
when all my life I've been taught to serve
when the alarm goes off you don't have to evacuate
all the best things in life are worth the wait

A relationship's just an exploration
of the self through another person
a way to feel some comfort when
I don't wanna feel lost ever again

A song on a record is how I can convey
all the shitty things about myself to make them seem ok
Hanging in the air, hopeless how can I even try
she told me "I can't tell if you're about to come or if you're about to cry."
Track Name: Sometimes You Are Alone
Sitting with our lone thoughts can be sad
knowing in the end it's all we have
we're hiding from view eating bad fast food in the street
salty scent lingers wiping my fingers on the seat

And the thing we want from being young is getting out on our own
but the worst part about growing up is sometimes you are alone

We are tempted to intoxicate
but you can't drink cuz you hate the taste
lonely nights reveal how you always feel down this path
feeling only stress thinking about death in the bath
Track Name: Annapolis
On gloomy days like this
I'm reminded of Annapolis
and all of the loneliness too

Though I harbor no ill will
it was a bittersweet consolation
when I seemed to be doing better than you
but now I'm glad that you seem to be doing
pretty well too
Track Name: Open Letter
The only thing I have are your books
which I still haven't read and I don't really care to
I thought that I'd send them back
which I haven't done because it's too late for that

And as the plane descend like hornets
I can't help wonder what is it with you
and hoping that you miss your flights
it's happened to me more than once in my life

I know that we're chill and there's no need to freak
I understand it all and I'm totally at peace
can't believe some people are unable to see
nothing to talk about means to let it be

Dirty old man corrupted in the head
now I understand so much of what you said
as the lights go off and I leave the room
what gives me the right to be judging you

I appreciated that you tried to treat me
with the same kind of loyalty that I tried to show you
I appreciate you trying to treat me with the same
even though you didn't quite follow through

As rad as you were it just wasn't meant to be
and all things considered that's ok with me
it's not really over but I'm sick of feeling sick
someone else might love me if I make cooler music
Track Name: Summer II
First thing is how we've all grown closer even though it's been a tough year
but I feel selfish when I need you to alleviate all my fears
cuz sometimes I need for you to take the lead
or to follow me
and believe powerfully
in bearing with me

Next thing is how I can't live with myself when my patience wears thin
angier about my art and music maybe more than I should have been
so sometimes I need for you to take the lead
or to follow me and believe powerfully
in bearing with me

Last thing is how you all do more than I feel that I can
Famicase, Maltine, Omori, Expo, Rosenstock, and Japan
yeah sometimes I need for you to take the lead
or to follow me and believe powerfully
in bearing with me
Track Name: AX2013
Fuck Real Life
Track Name: Make Your Youth Complicated (Album Ver.)
Let's see what we can do
with only an afternoon
let's see what is made from these stars

Let's push eachother
to always do better
even though it sometimes can be hard

Breathe out
let the whole world sink and spin around you and
don't fret
just allow yourself to be

Breathe in
feel all your hopes rushing through you and
don't wait
in accepting their call

Let go and become the person you were always
meant to be
you don't need anything else at all